Friday, February 4, 2011

Love is in the Air

I LOVE PEOPLE! Even the strangers that give me advice I may not want, I love that because of them I now have amusing stories to share. So Valentine's Day is something I enjoy very much. Another excuse to tell the ones I love how much I really do love them. And for all you Valentine's haters, NO, I don't need a special day to tell people that I love them...but with conversation hearts and Godiva chocolate wrapped in pink and red it makes spreading the love a little bit more sweet!

My friends Debbie and Tracy stepped outside the box this year in spreading the love. They made Valentine pillows out of burlap that they then hand painted.

46/13 is  1 Cor. 13 in the Bible. 1 Corinthians is the 46 book in the Bible
I am so impressed by their creativity and feel so loved by their thoughtfulness and the time they put into this project. Gifts like this mean so much more to me than anything that could be bought from a store. But if anyone did want to get me a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or something from Tiffany's, I guess that would be alright!

My project today was to make Valentine's hang tags for cookies I will be making next week. I am not reaching far outside the box to show my love this year. Sweets are my love language, so cookies and candy it is! I love Paper Source and all their great wrapping paper, cards, craft ideas, etc.
I appreciate that they have kits for those of us that don't have a creative bone in our bodies, but would like to pretend!
These are the supplies I started with. The Hang Tag kit and some stickers to give it a little extra special touch!

My final product. Not quite an awesome pillow like Debbie and Tracy, but this is what I am capable of for now. I am thankful for their inspiration in showing some love in little more personal way this year. Even if only through baked goods, I hope those close to me know how much they are loved!

How are you choosing to love those around you? 

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  1. We got your sweet Valentine today and I couldn't help but think what the little crafter you're becoming (well, always were, but now have time to devote to being such an affluent one.) Love it! And love the pillow too.