Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Decorative Tissue Puff Balls

One of my favorite party decoration in 2010 was Tissue Puff Balls. They cost about $1 each and add a ton of color and make most parties feel super festive for little money.

They are extremely easy to make, so much so that even your husband can help out. My poor guy gets roped into most of the projects or parties that I put on...because of this he is a very skilled Tissue Puff Ball maker.

You can add them as a space filler for color!

Or you can hang them with ribbon or fishing line
Put them on top of vases like a flower. 

It's been a fun trick to have to add small ones on top of a gift as a bow. For my husband's work Christmas White Elephant gift exchange they were told that they could not spend any money on the gift or the wrapping. So I wrapped his gift and made a puff from magazine pages and the look was awesome! 

Like most things I google and find a video of how to make things. I am too visual a learner to just read a step by step. Here is the video  I found really easy and straight forward. It's a bit long, but it shows the entire process. She says to use eight sheets of tissue, but I found you get better looking puffs if you use ten sheets of tissue paper.  I also found that the thinner solid color tissue paper is easier to make pretty looking puffs out of. You can use printed thicker tissue and it looks fine too, it just gets a little thick in the folding process. She also mentions stapling the middle, which worked great for me most of the time. It also works well to tie the middle with a thread if it is too thick to staple. Target sells a twenty pack of tissue in a variety of colors for $1.99. 

Have fun making your puffs! 


  1. you are awesome. i have coveted your puffs, now i know how to make them :) thanks kelli!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your brilliant (R & D) creation. I will practice tonight :)


  3. I too love the power of the puff!

    So excited about your blog. I miss you and your impeccable eye for style :)