Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom is a Four Letter Word

Weekend Update with Seth Meyer is my favorite sketch on SNL these days. It is sadly one of my few sources of current events, since I don't watch the news or read the newspaper. I am ridiculously uninformed. Something is going on in Egypt, right? Or am I getting that confused with an episode of West Wing that I just finished watching?

During this week's Weekend Update, Seth mentioned the 6th Annual MOM PROM held in Michigan where women put on old bridesmaid and prom dresses to attend this event. I completely groaned because something like that sounds awful to me, and Seth made it very clear that it sounded awful to him as well!

Why is it that when you add "Mom" to something, it goes from cool to terrible?

Prom = Fun High School Event
MOM Prom = Wouldn't be caught dead at

Haircut = A new do or trim you get every eight to twelve weeks
MOM Haircut = a short cut that is quick and easy but devoid of any femininity  

Jeans = Awesome denim pants that are pretty much the Californian uniform
MOM Jeans = Awful high waisted jeans that make your butt look three feet long 

Soccer = Fun sport played and watched around the world with participants like David Beckham.
Soccer MOM = The lady on the side lines with the mom haircut, wearing mom jeans while talking to other soccer moms about the fun they had at Mom Prom. 

The only thing I can think of is that practicality is not cool or sexy. And as a mom some things just have to become more practical so that life continues to work well while managing children. I've had my moments when I have morphed into the tired mom adorning her sweatpants, ponytailed hair, and makeup-less face wondering aimlessly around Target in hopes to stumble upon what I may need. I am, however, very thankful for the women in my life that are mothers too. They are an inspiration to me that motherhood can look good and still be cool. One of my favorite "Mom" blogs is my friend Kristen's blog, Rage Against the Minivan. She is incredibly funny, intelligent, and well written. I appreciate that she is all in as a mom, but still desires and pursues her own identity as a woman. 

My hope is that this generation of moms can be viewed as woman who are also mothers, not mothers who are, oh yeah, women too!


  1. As always, well said. Here's to no more scrunchies, no more sweatpants, no more soap operas! There are new mommas in town!

  2. Oh please please tell me when I even border on a mom haircut.

  3. Barb Wallace-Kelli's MomMarch 18, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    You cute, cool, sexy four letter moms are too funy :) It's all about chapters in your book of life. Like chapter "the 70's" where you had to make psychedelic colors and flowers in your hair look flattering. Chapter "the 80's" is where sexy was shoulders that rivaled Dan Marino's and the 8th wonder of the world hairdo that looked like you survived the ultimate tornado. Chapter "the 90's" was college and weddings for your three kids, your big shopping purchase from Nordstrom was off the FINAL clearance rack and was probably teal. Chapter "the new millenium" is empty nest and full of freedom adventures. So don't mess with my "Not my daughters jeans" Chapter "now" is lovely and peaceful. ...Oh, my goodness, I'm back to the 70's. Peace and Love to all you incredible chaptered Moms!!