Monday, March 14, 2011

Sisters Do as Sisters Should

Mornings like this morning make me want to freeze time and hold onto it a little bit longer! I love watching my girls play together. Lainey can make Katie laugh harder than anyone else and when Katie grabs onto Lainey's hands it is like Lainey won a prize with the amount of excitement she gets.

I grew up with two older brothers whom I love dearly, but my mornings started with a lot more farting and head locks than I anticipate Lainey and Katie dealing with.  There is just something about a sisterly bond that I have always desired and am excited to watch grow between my two girls.

My brothers did some pretty great "sisterly" stuff with me in our youth. My oldest brother would watch cheerleading competitions with me (which I am just now realizing wasn't that big of a sacrifice on his part) and then we would go into our living room and practice cheers together with me standing on his shoulders. My other brother would play dress up with me in Mom's and Dad's clothes. I would be in Dad's clothes, he would be in Mom's, complete with clip on earrings and her square dancing petty coats.

With Lainey being such a performer already, I am curious if one day they could do a version of The Lawrence Welk skit from SNL. I think the possibility of this future skit would be the strongest argument to make to my husband for more children in the future.

For today, I just want to freeze this moment of playful bliss where they love each other and are not arguing about who's touching who (whom?) or borrowed clothes.


  1. who will have the doll hands? :)

    I just love these two; holding Katie for just 2 minutes the other day was the best! I want a girl!

  2. Aw! I can imagine how precious that time must be! Enjoy it!

  3. Growing up with just a brother and now having 2 girls, I share so many of the sentiments you expressed in this post! I find it refreshing and fascinating to watch the bond between my girls as they grow.