Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Fridays

In efforts to keep life interesting for my girls and I, Fridays have been newly named "Fun Fridays." You may be wondering who I ripped the phrase "Fun Fridays" from, but I coined that phrase all on my own. Hence the need to copy other's creativity.

Anyway, a few Fridays ago we went to the most magical place. It's a place that socks and shoes are not mandatory and that parent participation is not required. This place actually encourages your children to bounce off the walls and go crazy, and in turn will give you an exhausted child that will sleep three to four hours after their fun filled visit.

Sky High Sports is a huge warehouse with wall to wall trampolines, where the walls are trampolines too. For $10 bucks a person, you and/or your child can jump for an hour. There are four different jumping zones. The largest zone is an all ages area that is about the size of a basketball court. Then there is a section designated specifically for kids ages eight and under to jump and get crazy on with no worry of older kids or adults running into them. Next to the eight and under area is a section that is half trampolines/half gigantic foam pit. It is made up of four different "lanes" that allows only one person at a time to jump or flip from the trampolines into the foam pit. The foam pit zone is great for all ages as well. My two-year-old daughter loved jumping into the foam and could crawl out of it herself. My fifty-something-year-old mother loved it too, however, she required some assistance getting out of the foam pit and pulling her pants back up. The final section is a dodge ball arena that I imagine boys (and some brave girls) of all ages would have a blast pelting one another with large rubber balls.

Today we went to a little mommy and me class for toddlers which Lainey thoroughly enjoyed. It was a room full of park type toys with slides and different apparatuses to climb on. The teachers amazed me with their ability to call all the kids by name. I had bought a month membership for the class through a Groupon deal that cost $40 bucks for four classes. The thing is that Lainey spent most of her time jumping on the tiny trampoline in the corner of the room. With the discount I felt okay about participating in this class, but regular price is $21 bucks per class.

So I think I will stick with Sky High Sports. They even offer a Munchkin Monday deal from 11am-1pm that kids can jump for an hour for $6 bucks a person. (is anyone else annoyed that I continue to use the word bucks instead of dollars? I am too lazy to go through and change them all, so I will just point out my annoyance instead). I like that I am free to go any day of the week and invite anyone to come along with us. Or I can look like the self sacrificing friend for bringing your child along with us. In actuality it makes my life easier because my child is now calling out to your child to look at how high she can jump instead of yelling "mommy" every twenty seconds.

Sky High Sports is an awesome kids activity, but I love that it's an affordable past time the whole family would enjoy together. It's about the same price, if not cheaper, than going out to a movie.

If you have any ideas you'd like to see explored on "Fun Fridays" please share! I'd love to hear them!

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