Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Own Radio Man

We have been working on ridding Lainey of her pacifier these past couple of days. The last baby thing to ween her from. No more bottles, diapers, crib, and lastly her "nook." I have only had a few solid nights of sleep between all these various transitions. I'm beginning to recognize that I am a glutton for punishment, but am hopeful that all this work will pay off. Probably right in time to do it all again with baby girl number two!

Ever since we potty trained Lainey she has a new empowerment to do all things by herself, including picking out her clothes. Most days I allow her one item to choose (typically her socks) but today I let her go for it as one of her rewards for sleeping like a big girl with no pacifier. This is what I got. Halloween kitty sweatshirt, a tulip petal filled tutu, flip flops, and her new sunnies. As we were leaving to go get a "pink" donut (a reward for both of us) she grabbed her Aurora doll and my old blackberry that is now her play phone. The best part of her outfit was her CD player that she wore as a necklace. 

Many strangers, both men and women, affirmed her and her choice of ensemble. She humbly received all the praise as she played music from her chest and danced for her adoring fans. Watching my daughter express herself as an individual in these small ways is an experience I can't really put words to, except that it feels like I got a small reward today for all those sleepless nights. 


  1. I love that you can use such simple rewards, for both you and Lainey, for doing such monumental things. She looks fabulous, and i'm pretty sure I have a picture of you wearing the exact same thing. Well, all my belts and hats a la Joey Tribiani style anyway.

  2. This makes me smile. Love it.