Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Not so Covert Operation

Walking to the front door of our home still basking in the afterglow of a great date night with my husband, we were greeted by an oversized carnival style bumble bee. There was no card or any other identifiers, just the bee. I still have no clue who left this gigantic "gift." Every mother's dream is to have a larger than life bee that scares her child to the point of screaming and tears.

I posted the picture on my Facebook page so others could join in the odd fun of our evening. Over the next few days I was not sure what to do with this large stuffed animal, so I began to brain storm. Wouldn't it be funny to put it on someone else's door and bring joy and confusion to the next unsuspecting soul? Then perhaps they would pass it along to another, then another. It would be huge and I would be responsible for starting the next big fad, like Flash Mobs or something.

So last week I set out on my covert op. Pulling up to my friend's house I parked close enough to their door to quickly get back to the car but not too close so that I could keep from being seen through their window. With a huge rush of adrenaline, like my life depended on the success of this secret mission, I placed the bee at the door, knocked, and dashed. I felt like a kid again Knicker Knocking at our neighbors' doors. Almost to the freedom and safety of my car I heard the house door open. With my head turned away I jumped into the car, put it in drive and sped away. Catching air off the huge dip in the road by their house, I attempted to drive and comfort Lainey who had burst into tears screaming LADY BUG! over and over again. [we are still working on her insect identification]

Realizing I just dropped the bee with a frequent Facebook user, the ability to cover my trail that leads the bug back to me became more difficult. I pulled out my phone to view my wall in hopes that, by some miracle, the picture of the bee I had posted earlier is no longer visible on the front page. Unfortunately this is what I saw at the top of the Status Feed page instead.

My covert op had gone overt in less than thirty seconds. Sneakiness is not my strong suit. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my thoughts plainly on my face. I am a terrible liar and cannot keep a surprise because I just get too excited. You may think those are great attributes, but it often feels like I am stuck in the movie "Liar Liar" where too much honesty can cause more harm than good.

Thanks to the person who gave me the bee for some entertainment and adventure. This is my revelation that I am the unknown girl in the black SUV. I'd like to say to my friend, "YOU JUST GOT BUZZED!"

Perhaps some of you will be BUZZED sometime in the future and think of me.

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