Monday, April 4, 2011

Joy Stealers

Ever the optimist like my mother, I still find it necessary to keep a running Joy List to battle some of the every day joy stealers that intersect my path. Keeping a joy list started in college. The hard rigors of classes, relationships, a part time job, and intramural sports really created some drama and stress that necessitated an intentional look out for all things joyful. {ahh...the JOY of hindsight. College was a breeze and most of the drama was self induced.}

Here are a few of the joy stealers (aka Pet Peeves) that I've come across in the past few days:
1. People that leave the store carts in the parking spot next to their car. Excuse me lady in your Lululemon work out clothes, looks like you are in shape enough to walk your cart the ten feet to the cart corral.
2. Dog Strollers. Better yet double dog strollers. Better yet dog carriers that look like a baby bjorn.
3. The lack of turn indicator lights used by southern California drivers.
4. Hair that is too long. If your hair is closer to your booty than your shoulder blades it's time for an overhaul.
5. Earbuds that fall out constantly while running.
6. A lethargic server at a restaurant.
7. Texting abbreviations used in emails.
8. Wet towels thrown on my side of the bed to "dry"
9. My Netflix dvd being too scratched to play properly.
10. Gum that gets hard after five seconds of chewing it.

Instead of being bogged down by the petty annoyances of joy stealers, I choose to focus on those things that bring me joy. Wouldn't it be great if the things that brought me joy were only things that were significant and truly worthwhile? But you will soon be given access to just how shallow I truly am.

My Joy List from the past few days:
1. Stephen Colbert singing FRIDAY
2. Buying new makeup
3. Singing a Brittany Spears song (and believing it sounded good) at Plush Karaoke Lounge while at a bridal shower.
4. Using the Hey Tell App
5. Passing another runner while out on the trail. (They may not know it, but we were racing)
6. Getting my girls their Easter Outfits
7. My grey skinny jeans
8. Getting mail that isn't a bill or a catalogue. Thanks Aunt Elaine for the pooping Chicken!
9. Meeting with an incredible group of people that are passionate about International Princess Project like I am and volunteering their time to make a difference.
10. Family Walks

What's on your joy list?


  1. * Desperate Housewives on Netflix Watch Instantly
    * Sleeping til my alarm goes off (no midnight bathroom breaks)
    * being told "I love you" a million times a day by my 6 yr old son
    * Meals on Wheels
    * Finally feeling part of a church family again

  2. Seeing Lainey's face light up when I babysit.
    Seeing Chad and Kelli's face light up when I babysit.
    Putting the last of the spring flowers in the ground.
    Saying the right thing at the right time...instead of the opposite of that.
    Receiving my order from QVC...I love that show and all their stuff
    Having families over for Easter and decorating with bunnies and baskets & everything Spring, little mouths filled with ham and Chocolate eggs!
    Buying new paint and flipping a room to something really different

  3. Those are all great! Thanks for sharing you guys!