Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Love Technology

Do you remember how cool Zach Morris' cell phone was from Saved by the Bell? Not only was he so much more attractive than A.C. Slater, but he was hip and cool with the latest mobile technology. Not a computer geek what-so-ever, just ever junior high girl's crush of the early 90's. They definitely should have left well enough alone with Saved by the lost me during the "College Years."

Now I don't know a lot about technology, but I know enough to make my life a little easier with it. Thankfully, my husband knows alot about technology so when I get into a jam he can fix it. I totally married my Zach Morris! See girls, dreams really do come true.

This week my smartphone enabled me to get directions, obtain information quickly and easily, and allowed me to pay for my latte at Starbucks when I forgot my wallet at home! Technology saved me several mini meltdowns tons of travel and prep time by allowing me to have so many answers at my fingertips. Living life on the go with two girls in tow, I feel so privileged to live in the current age of technology.

Here is my week made easier by my smartphone:

-Text my friend/amazing photographer for a wine recommendation as I was pulling up to the store to buy it. I now am a fan of Decoy Zinfandel.

-My Maps app assisted me in saving time and gas by directing me to the nearest bank, grocery store, and Chick-fil-A (cause their sweet tea is amazing!) while in an unfamiliar area.

-Picked up my husband on time from the train by using iPhone Tracker app to see current his location (it's not creepy its great!)

 -Instantly shared this yummy picture of divorced chocolate chip cookies from The Crosby with my facebook friends using the Instagram and Facebook apps.

-Reloaded my registered Starbucks gift card through my Mobile Card app and then paid for my coffee with my phone.

The era of privacy is closing as technology continues to advance at such an incredible rate. For now, I am okay with it.

 I am okay with the internet tracking what sites I shop at so that it can suggest other places they think I might like. Now if I could still get that type of customer service in retail stores I'd be ever so grateful! (Nordstrom's customer service is still the best I have found and why I continue to shop there over other leading department stores)

 I am okay with my phone apps using my current location to help me get to where I am going more efficiently. If big brother is watching, he is likely bored with my trips to the park, Starbucks, and Target.

A little privacy in my home would be nice, but apartment living doesn't afford that. While in the shower yesterday morning, I heard a man's voice shout, "Hello, I'm here to change the air filter!" I probably shouldn't have offered the information that I was in the shower as I yelled for him to please come back later. But I had hoped he wouldn't return for several hours with that response, instead of twenty minutes later. I believe my wet hair, robe and jeans ensemble, and look of frustration made him aware that his presence was untimely.

Another reason why I love technology, you don't have to dress up for it! Well except for Skype.


  1. Man, someone should be paying you for all the advertising, here!

  2. You're hired!!! ...the OC Register would snatch you up in a heartbeat. Very fun, entertaining, and informative. Well done Kelli! :D oh and I LOVED Saved By The Bell!

  3. Thanks for saying you married Zach Morris and not Screech ...

  4. I want an I Phone so bad for all the same reasons! Convenience!