Friday, July 8, 2011

Life is awesome because I found the perfect man

In honor of my husband's birthday today, here are top ten reasons I am so lucky to journey through life with this incredible man:
10. He is all in. 
Whether it is a skit for a family talent show where we dress up like my folks... 
Or going to a themed birthday party...
He is willing to play the part and go all out. 
9. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else! We have so much fun together.
8. He is my human wikipedia. The man could be on Jeopardy with the amount of random info he has at his disposal. 
7. He is not freaked out by the amount of tears I produce in a week. 
6. He is a man of his word. 
5. He loves to eat as much as I do! Yet is still willing to do a 28 day cleanse to help support me getting to my ideal weight. Even though that means eating an over abundance of chicken and rice. 
4. The man can throw a party. 
He will glue silly eyes on 35 stuffed owls and will suggest renting trees to hang them on
 And he can make a paper puff ball like a professional
3. He's a true gentleman. He still opens my car door for me and notices new outfits.
2. Watching him play, cuddle, and love our girls has brought a whole new level of love and appreciation for him. 

1. He is ridiculously good looking! 
He is often told he looks like Bob the trainer
or Joel McHale
 Both of whom I find attractive, but not nearly as attractive as my guy!
Happy Birthday, Babe! You get better every year!

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