Thursday, April 21, 2011


Fluffy sugar, covered in colorful sugar sprinkles...what's not to love? Seriously! Peeps are my absolute favorite Easter candy. However, I hate that Peeps are produced now for every major holiday. It completely cheapens the splendor and greatness of the classic Peep!

You know what else I enjoy? How strongly people feel about Peeps. I have yet to come across an individual that moderately likes or dislikes this fluffy candy! It is either passionate love or grossed out hate.

In my little world, I work hard to have and maintain some sort of harmony with those around me. But over the nonessentials, like Peeps, I really do love those things that create polarity between people. A love or hate. Passion or Disdain.

Things like, running. I love to run. Sometimes I hate it, but mostly I love it. But I find that most either love or hate running.

Maraschino cherries is another example. I like the way they look in my Shirley Temple, but absolutely hate the way they taste. I try them every so often after I see someone nearby plop one in their mouth and seem to enjoy it so much. Each time just reaffirms my disgust for them.

Wearing high heels. I LOVE IT! Several of my bridesmaids were less than pleased that I requested they keep their heels on during my wedding reception. (Jessica, if you are reading this, I would appreciate you withholding the ironic story about me at your wedding reception. I'm not above a double standard.) I feel weird in flats. I was so thankful that TOMS came out with wedges while I was pregnant. They were (and still are) the most comfortable shoes that didn't make me feel dumpy and still offered support to my ever growing body belly. I love flats on other women, but on me it looks awkward. I run around with the kiddos, go to the park, walk around the zoo, all in heels. I destroy my shoes, but I love them for every minute I have them.

Miracle Whip or Mayo. We have both in my refrigerator because my neither my husband or myself are willing to concede. Miracle Whip being the obviously superior spread.

MAC vs. PC.

AT&T vs. Verizon.

The list could on and on, but for now I will kick up my heels, enjoy my Peeps, and look forward to your polarized opinions!


  1. I am one of the dislikers of Peeps, therefore my girls have never had them in their Easter baskets. I guess I should give them the chance to form their own off to the store I go for one last Easter basket item.

  2. Bleu Cheese is another. I love...others loathe.
    Starbucks v. Peets
    Coke v. Pepsi
    Domestic v. Import Cars

    By the way...I adore you. I despise Peeps.

  3. Tara - I am proud of your willingness to let your kiddos make their own minds up. You are a better mother than I. Lainey only gets Miracle Whip from me.

    Katie- Bleu Cheese is a great one! I love it too.
    Starbucks, Coke (only if fountain), and I don't know enough about cars.
    I am happy that our friendship can withstand the great Peeps debate! I Adore you!

  4. I never eat a peppermint until Christmas
    I never eat pumpkin seeds until Halloween
    I never make potatoe salad until July 4th
    I never eat pumpkin pie until Thanksgiving

    I always eat a Peep at Easter.