Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Easter weekend has begun.
Two little Easter outfits. Check.
Two Easter baskets filled with goodies. Check.
Attended a Good Friday service. Check.
Cake for Easter day made. Well, I've bought most of the ingredients to make it.
Picture with the Easter Bunny. Not after the Santa debacle.

Easter is a big deal in our home. With my husband working full time for a local church, there is a lot of preparation. (I say that like I personally have so much to do. In reality, I show up with my girls in tow as a sign of support to those faithful staff and volunteers that are doing the prep! Their hard work does not go unnoticed and is a true blessing to all that attend services during this week/weekend!) Beyond the Easter Bunny and Easter candy, which is so fun and a great part of the day, Easter is a day of incredible celebration! Celebrating that Jesus Christ has risen!
[your line is, "He is risen indeed!"]

What does the Easter bunny have to do with Jesus? I have no idea. I also have no idea why the Easter bunny hides eggs. Shouldn't it be an Easter Chicken, then?

What I do know is that I'm a sinner. I do know that the price of my sin has been paid by the sacrifice of Jesus' death on the cross. I do know that He rose from the grave and conquered death. That I get to celebrate the new life I have in Christ. And that is why I get just a little bit excited about Easter. I get excited that this incredible gift is available to everyone.

If you are in the local Orange County area and don't have a place to go for Easter, join us at the Pacific Amphitheater located at the Orange County Fair grounds. There is plenty of room for young and old alike!

Visit OC EASTER for more info (and to experience an incredible website).
 Lainey will save you a seat!

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