Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rose Cake

So I have been dying to have an excuse to try my hand at this rose cake that I stumbled upon at i am baker. She has so many fun and creative sweets that I can't wait to try, but I will need to find myself a cake decorating class first. Make sure you take a minute or two to look at her photos of what I was trying to get my cake to look like. You can definitely tell a rookie from a pro!

Thankfully, Easter is here and my wonderful MIL (mom-in-law) thoughtfully gave me dessert for my contribution to this year's Easter family meal. I had deviled eggs last year. I love deviled eggs, but having to make enough for 25 people was a true labor of love. This year I will not thoughtlessly inhale egg after egg. I will savor and appreciate each wonderful bite. (Unless they are made with Mayo instead of Miracle Whip)

A cake of this caliber deserved better than Betty Crocker, and I am in no position to make a cake from scratch. So I headed to Williams-Sanoma for reinforcements. There is a huge difference between a $4 boxed cake and a $14 boxed cake. I never knew cake batter could look that fluffy. I was waiting for angels to come land in my little bowl of heaven! This ad hoc cake mix is phenomenal! If you love cake, you must try it. If you don't love cake, you must try it!
I'm a sucker for lemon flavor. Lemonade. Lemon Heads. Lemon Tarts. So when I saw this jar of Meyer Lemon Curd sitting on the shelf, I absolutely had to have it for the filling in my cake. 
I did a quick base frosting with my newly purchased frosting spatula, which is awesome too! It makes a difference when you have the right tools. I imagine it makes an even bigger difference when you know how to use them. Again, I need to take a class. The frosting recipe I used is also on i am baker's blog and it is fantastic. It's a super tasty buttercream frosting that is great to decorate with!
I show you this picture to make you feel better about attempting this cake. No your cake shouldn't be wider at the top than the bottom. Your frosting should probably be smoother and not all over the parchment paper, but it still got the job done. 
Here is my version of i am baker's Rose cake. I know, you can't really tell they are roses. But roses are what I was going for. I think it still looks pretty, even with it's several imperfections. It could be that whole "mom's love blindness." You know, the mothers that enter their baby in picture contests and you can't for the life of you see why they think their baby could actually win. Well here is my cake "baby." 

I think this would be a fun cake for a shower, mother's day, birthday, or Thursday. 

Happy Easter!

(I almost wrote HOPPY Easter but realized that is was AWFUL and cheesy.)


  1. Oh my goodness Kel! This cake is gorgeous!! You've found a new gift.

  2. If you think this looks like a beginner are full of icing! This is beautiful! When I thought of a special cake for Easter, I knew my DIL could and would pull it off...I am so proud of you!! I may make everyone eat CAKE first and then ham. Reward: Now, I don't think you need one, but if that is your wish, then I'm granting it...pick out a cake class and sign treat! Love, MIL : "L"stands for Love.

  3. Holy heck...that is awesome. I'm inspired :)