Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fridge Psych 101

Food is good. Cooking is okay. Grocery shopping is awful! My fridge will give witness to my disdain for grocery shopping.

What else does my fridge testify to? 
1. I have a baby. 
2. I enjoy dairy. Even though the food is gone I have Milk, buttermilk, and heavy whipping cream left. 
3. I partake in the occasional adult beverage. So occasional that I have had those five bottles of alcohol longer than I have had a husband or children. Not sure why I feel the need to keep them cold. 
4. I drink coffee. But only with cream and sugar in it so it no longer taste like coffee.
5. I am passionate about a fresh smelling fridge. If something is rotten in my fridge it will be found and tossed three weeks later in a timely manner. 
6. My family eats paycheck to paycheck.
7. It's payday.

Every effort is made to be at the grocery store as little as possible. Some girls long for the perfect man with the perfect home and the perfect car. I long for enough space in the garage for a second fridge (and because I already have the perfect man.) Then I could really take Costco by storm and only go shopping once a month!

No, Trader Joe's checker, I actually did NOT just get back from vacation, this is how I roll with my grocery cart! Tap your toe all you want, little old lady with only three items in your basket, my receipt is going to be longer than that sigh you just let out. 

My master's thesis (if I ever go back to school someday) will be on food psychology and what a person's fridge and pantry says about them. If I had to give an analysis of my fridge I would say I am a well thought out black and white thinker that is confident with herself. The break down of my analysis is this. It's payday and the fridge is empty. Obviously I thought out and planned for the right amount of food since there are no left overs and no spoiled produce. Wasting food is bad (black). Eating what you bought is good (white). I am secure enough to stand tall at the check out counter with my grocery cart overflowing while people look on in disbelief and frustration. When you hear the call for more check out clerks over the PA system at the grocery store it's because there is a woman who hates to grocery shop at the front of the line. 

What does your fridge say about you? 


  1. "my receipt is going to be longer that that sigh you just let out"...genius!

  2. Haha! My fridge looks eerily the same.