Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day in the life...

Tomorrow I fly out of town with my husband for an overnight adventure and we get to are going to leave the girls behind with Nana. She generously offered to come up and stay at our house for the night to save me from having to do any additional packing for our get away. The only thing now is that I have to get my house in order and clean. I am thankful that my MIL loves and accepts me and my shortcomings. She is well familiar with the state of my home. Some may call it "messy." I prefer to think of it as "lived in."

Today is my prep day. Target runs, laundry, packing, etc. I also have typed up a sample schedule for Nana in efforts to make it easy to remember who is supposed to eat and sleep when. There are times that my day can seem like there isn't much to it, but after I typed up a typical day in the life of the girls it seems like a wonder anything else gets done beyond feeding them and getting them naps.

So here is a typical day in our home. Of course there is more included in each day, but this is the bare bone essentials.

Sample Schedule
Nana, Lainey, and Katie
48 Hours o’ Fun

6:30/7:00am:  Girls wake up & watch a show or movie
                      *Katie Bottle (8oz of H2O for 45secs w/4 scoops of Formula)
                      *Lainey Milk (chocolate or regular)
7:30am:           Lainey Breakfast (eggs, toast, yogurt)
8:00am:           Katie Breakfast (1 to 2 jars of baby food)
9:00am:           Katie’s Morning Nap (usually about an hour)
10:00am:         Katie Wakes up from nap and has a bottle (6oz H2O for 35 secs 
                       w/3 scoops of formula)
10:30am:         Walk to park and/or Starbuck
                       *Lainey will ask for her shoes off. That’s ok.                       
                       *Lainey can climb all the ladders and slide all the slides.
                       *Lainey can climb up all the slides barefoot
                       *She will also jump from the 3 foot platform and land okay in the sand
                       *Katie plays/crawls in the sand. Loves to swing.
12:00pm:          Lunch and a show for Lainey (hotdogs, mac and cheese, peanutbutter and 
                        jelly, tuna fish sandwich)
12:30pm:          Nap prep for Lainey(“you have 30 more minutes until nap”)
1:00pm:            Katie Bottle (6oz bottle)
1:00/1:30pm:    Girls down for naps (no books, toys, etc. “How do you make Nana proud?”
                        “By staying in bed.”)
                        *Katie 1.5 – 2 hours
                        *Lainey 3-3.5 hours
4:00pm              Kaite Bottle (8oz Bottle – may only take 6oz)
5:30pm              Katie dinner (1 Large jar of food, or two smaller jars of food)
5:30-6:00pm:     Lainey Dinner (Spaghetti and meatballs, Orange Chicken with Rice 
                         and edamame)
7:00/7:30pm:     Katie Bottle (6oz bottle)
7:15pm:             Bed Time Prep
                         *Katie and Lainey PJ’s
                         *Lainey Brush Teeth and potty
7:30pm:             Katie down for bed
                         Story time with Lainey on the couch (2-5 books)
8:00pm:             “Lainey Rhys song” and prayers in bed
8:30pm:             Movie and Popcorn for Nana with Iced Tea, Hot Tea, or a glass of wine!

Looking forward to 48 hours away from this schedule that now seems like second nature. To not have to think about naps, snacks, and diapers is the best gift I could ever get! Thanks MOM!!


  1. My goal is to just keep them alive and happy while you are gone...the house will probably be upside down, they will have chocolate syrup in all bottles and cups, cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we will party till they just collaspe and then I will carry them to bed... Chad was once traumatized because his grandmother babysat and would not let him have some potato chips after school...he still has a twitch from her 48 hours on I will spoil them rotten and they will cry upon your return! Nana

  2. Hooray for Nana! Double hooray for Nana's comment!!!!