Thursday, June 9, 2011

If you are out living life but no one hears about it...does it still make a sound?

So it has been nearly a month since I have had a chance to sit down and write. Even now, I should be taking a shower and cleaning my home. But I feel the need to get plugged back in to the blogosphere. I have been so busy living life in the real world that I am feeling really disconnected. Yikes, I am on the verge of taking the blue pill to get plugged back into the matrix or something. I do find it a bit odd that when I don't get much face time with my computer and social media, somehow I feel out of the loop. Something feels wrong about that. Makes me a little worried for my kiddos that may someday not know how to have a conversation that isn't through text messages.

Here is a brief recap of events over the last three weeks in my little corner of the world:
My dad turned sixty. Chad and I flew up to Seattle to help celebrate and left the girls at home with Nana. How glorious is an airplane ride sans kids? VERY! I read a book and drank my drink with no one asking to share. (even though sharing is good and practiced in our home.) It was fun celebrating dad with good food, lots of laughs and apparently color coordinated clothing. We did not plan on matching, but goes to show that we are more like each other than we care to admit.
One of the highlights of the day was presenting my father with his brand new Mercedes that all of us kids pitched in to buy him. Unfortunately for Dad, none of us kids have reached our financial potential yet. Which means he has to settle for a RC Mercedes for now until one us strikes it rich. 
The day after his birthday, Chad and I went out with my folks on their boat to enjoy the gorgeous day and get some lunch on the water. We felt like we were living the dream! 
Just a quick ride across Lake Washington to Lake Union to grab some lunch in downtown Seattle over looking the water. Fish and Chips have never tasted so good. 
Shortly after our trip we decided that it would be a good time to purchase Disneyland passes. We had received two credit card offers in the mail. Each offered a $200 Disney gift card for signing up. Thank you Disney for buying our passes to your park!
It was Katie's first time at Disney and she loved it! She was ear to Micky Mouse ear smiles and was loving all the visual stimulation!
Lainey was ready to ride any ride and would randomly exclaim that the evening was, "So magical!" (we have been watching quite a bit of the movie Tangled lately.)
Lainey was over the moon to meet Aurora. It was so fun to watch her be star struck. She was so overwhelmed she didn't know how to respond at first. 
But she quickly came around and showered Sleeping Beauty with hugs and nervous giggles. I became the mom that wanted her kid to perform for the princess. "Tell her your name, Lainey!" "How old are you, Lainey? Tell Aurora how old you are!" It took every effort to calm myself down and shut my mouth to let my little girl just enjoy the experience in her own way. I was so impressed with the girl playing Aurora. She interacted with Lainey so well and truly made the experience magical. 
A week after we got back from Seattle, my brother's family came down to Southern California for Memorial day weekend and stayed with us a few nights. It was a fun full house. With our two girls and their five children we enjoyed eleven people in our two bedroom apartment and loved the time together. We hit up San Diego Zoo one day, then played tourist in our own backyard by playing at our local park and heading to the beach for a picnic and milkshakes on the pier. 
Memorial Day was the stage for on of my biggest triumphs to date. Finishing my first half marathon. I did not do as well as I had hoped because along with being to busy too write I was also too busy to train. I did not run for about two weeks before the race. On top of that I was still recovering from a head cold. But I had a great time and was thankful to see my family cheering me on at the finish line. I would like to do another one to see if I could finish at a better time and possible place higher than 490th! 

We are on The Clean Program again for the month of June to prep our bodies for swimsuits for our vacation to Palm Springs in July. It is so much easier this time around and I am hopeful for positive results like I had last time. I am currently four pounds down and only a week in, so I feel pretty motivated to stay the course! 

Whew! I think that has caught us up on the highlights of what has been going on in our world. There have been play dates, two new (to us) parks discovered, along with some hiking and movies with friends. Life feels full. But full of great stuff!

So....what's new with you?

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  1. Congrats on the Half Marathon woman!!! That's huge! I ran a couple of those a few years ago but not for a loooong time. I need to get back into it!