Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shower Wall Hart (Hair+Art=Hart)

One of my husband's "joy stealers" is starting his morning visiting the gallery of my hair art plastered on the shower wall. It has become more of an issue in the past several months because I am shedding hair in ridiculous amounts due to that post baby phase that most mothers are familiar with. My healthy shiny hair during pregnancy is now turning dull and lifeless. My beautiful glowing skin is now oily and breaking out like I am sixteen again. Oh, and those things that used to stay put with out much support, now spend most of their time chatting with my armpits when not securely in a bra!  But I love my girls (and by girls I mean my children) and gladly wear the war wounds to have them!

Back to the hair on the shower wall. This is an old habit of mine. As I wash and condition my hair, the pieces that fall out get stuck to the shower wall so they won't go down and clog the drain. I used to be more considerate to my roommates and actually remove the hair after my shower. Unfortunately my husband does not receive the same curtesy. A few weeks ago he joked about my art project in the bathroom and it sparked an idea. I should take pictures of my HART and gross out bless others with my findings.

Below are some of my creations. To clarify, these hair sculptures are in no way intentional. They are formed blindly when my eyes are full of shampoo and I am rushing through my six to ten minute shower before the girls wake up from nap time. Yeah to be showered by three in the afternoon is the norm in my home!

If hair makes you gag when found any other places than a person's head, you may want to stop reading now.

If not, enjoy!

A Mother's Heart

Run Away Balloon

Broken Nose


Screaming Mustache Man


  1. bahahahaha! I have just started my post-baby shed too and its totally gross at our house. I thought the dog hair everywhere was bad - at least it is short!
    Love the hart. :)

  2. Your shower hair is so much more artistic than mine! Maybe it's the length. I just create a wet hair pile over a period of multiple days, until my enabling husband finally gets sick to his stomach and cleans it up for me.

  3. I love it. Especially "Screaming Mustache Man". I do the same thing.

  4. that is really funny! i have never been preggo but my shower looks pretty similar! my husband HATES it!