Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My husband took a pregnancy test

And that is how I found out I was pregnant with our third child!
Chad's test is on the very bottom
Chad's test was negative. No revelation of the next pregnant man here. Or that the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pregnant man becoming a reality. Side note: It really goes to show what you can do if you know the right people. I mean the man goes from being Mr. Universe to playing a pregnant man to being the governor of California?

I woke Chad up on 4th of July after I had taken my third pregnancy test (over the course of three days) and still couldn't figure out if I was pregnant or not! I am not new when it comes to pregnancy tests. I always think I am pregnant so am constantly buying tests. After getting pregnant with our first child four months into marriage, the belief that sex always leads to babies became very real! For this round of tests, I couldn't tell if I was reading them upside down or if they were in fact positive. The line that showed the pregnancy hormone was very dark, but the control line that should always be there was barely visible. Was I not doing something right? Did I get three tests that were defective? I needed a negative pregnancy test to compare my tests to be sure once and for all...insert Chad.

Let's go back three days to buying the initial pregnancy test. Chad and I were on vacation in Palm Desert with the girls and his folks. We had just finished a 28 day cleanse to prep for our swim suit bodies and were excited to be in the hot sun while enjoying my mother-in-law's cooking! We did not ease back in to regular food. Our first meal was a bacon cheeseburger and a coke from Ruby's. It tasted so good, but made me feel so bad. After a couple days of feel queasy, I wasn't sure if it was because of eating regular food or if I might be pregnant.

One night after Chad and I went to see a movie, I asked him to stop at a drug store on the way home just so I could get some peace of mind and relax for the rest of our vacation. We went in together, which I didn't think was the best idea. When you see a man and a woman buying a pregnancy test at 10:30 at night, you may conclude some sense of urgency behind the test. I discretely held the test under my arm because I did not want any questions. Chad kept telling me not to worry and put it down on the conveyor belt, to which I said I would when we were closer to the front of the line. Finally convinced to stop being "silly" I put the test down. As soon as the box touched down the woman in front of us turns to us and asks, "Oh, is this a good thing? Are you hoping for a positive or negative result?" If looks could kill Chad and Nosey Nancy would have died instantly! Laughing awkwardly Chad replies, "Well I think we are hoping for negative this time around." Instant tears pop to my eyes. I did my best to hold it together to get myself out of the store before I lost it. Nosey Nancy gathered her bought items and moved along. Finally at the cashier, our last obstacle before freedom, she blurts out, "oh how exciting...what are you hoping for?" I have never had to resist such an intense urge to hurt someone before. I was dumfounded at these women's freedom to intrude on such a personal moment.

In a tearfully dramatic performance once in the car, I lamented about my husband's dislike for our unborn child. That I somehow was a complete failure as a wife because I kept getting pregnant. That I was not the woman he had hoped for. I now attribute that show to pregnancy hormones and not my irrationality. Chad lovingly comforted me and assured me that if I was in fact pregnant, it would be great news. I pulled myself together enough to head inside and pretend all was well until we said goodnight to his folks who had been watching the girls for us. Feeling emotionally and physically exhausted I headed to the restroom and took the first test. Talk about anticlimactic! I still didn't have an answer because I thought the test was faulty due to the lack of the control line. Having only bought a single test, we fell into bed still left to wonder.

The next afternoon I went by myself and bought a three pack test kit to make sure I had plenty of backups in case I needed it. Since each consecutive test proved to be a similar unsure result as the first, I was glad all the extra tests. Finally after three days of being unsure, Chad's participation revealed our third baby was, in fact, on it's way.

Our oldest was 2 1/2 years old and our youngest was 9 months old when we found out. This was not exactly the family planning we had first envisioned when we married. We were going to wait three years into our marriage before starting our family...instead we are expecting our third child before our four year wedding anniversary coming up in November.

We are excited to see who will be joining our family in 2012. It will be a busy season that will be so fun and very busy. I'm excited that our children will be close in age. Hoping and praying they will love each other and only fight minimally. (I can live in my dreamland right now.)

What is really exciting is that when Chad and I get to our 50's, it is going to be AWESOME!!!


  1. I love it. You'd think you'd know how to do it after 3, but I'm so glad other women are just as confused by these things as I have been! Haha.

  2. I love to imagine God just smiling about "our plans" and then he says "nope,here are my plans I have for you,and trust they are far better than yours.":) Congrats Kelli!Take it from me they will love being so close in age as i am with my sisters.

  3. AAAAAHH! Congratulations! And you are right about your 50s (and before) my sibs and I are all very close in age, great friends, and my parents have enjoyed all of it. (well, except maybe those couple years when they had 3 in highschool, haha. :)

  4. So true Val! I'm excited to see the grown up version of my kiddos!

    Kathy, be prepared...if you and I are going to keep a similar pattern, be ready to be pregnant in about three months!

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