Monday, September 12, 2011

Send out invites to your next pity party!

My last pity party I decided to make public here on my blog and I have to say, it was one of my best parties ever. If you are going to invite people to your pity party, make sure it's a good one. Serve up a lot of insecurity and self loathing. Decorate with a pretty heart on your sleeve, and make sure your goodie bag is filled with lots of fun treats like overdramatic reactions and identity hanging on by a thread.

I have to say the gifts you get at a pity party are truly some of the best I have received. A firm knowledge that I, in fact, was not alone in my some of frustrations or lack of confidence was so life giving. The gift of support and understanding, along with a sense of community from those that love me and are walking a similar road I am, made my day brighter. Presents in the form of encouragement and even admiration, talk about humbling and surprising! I am surrounded by incredibly talented and gifted women that are a constant blessing to me and my family. To receive kudos from them feels like true gold.

The best gift was just acceptance of where I was at. Thanks to all who came and the gifts you shared with me! I do like a good party, but all good things must come to an end!

Plus I have some other parties I am planning right now. My youngest, Katie, is turning one in a few weeks and her Monster bash is this weekend. Below is a small sneak peak at one of the games we created to play at her party.
Forgive the poor photo quality, it was quickly taken with my iPhone.

Then I also have the privilege to be on an incredible team full of passionate women to see modern day slavery abolished, specifically in India. For the past several months we have been organizing the Fabric of Freedom Gala and it is going to be an incredible evening! There are still a few tickets left, so if you are interested in attending, click on the invitation below and buy your tickets. It would be so wonderful to see you there!

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