Thursday, December 8, 2011

Here comes Santa Clause...and The Grinch

Yesterday we went to visit Santa and get the girls' picture taken with him. 
It ended up a family photo because both the girls looked like this when we were not with in centimeters of them. 
I tried all day to set my expectations low for this event, but failed miserably. 

I had kept Katie up a little later for her morning nap so she would wake up right before we had to get her dressed and go. It worked like a charm until the garbage men decided to come two hours early to empty the dumpster that is right outside her window. I WAS BEYOND FRUSTRATED. Instead of a quality 2 hour nap or so...she got a sad 45 minute nap. 

Feeling stressed about the sleep situation, I was still trying my best to keep my stress level as low as possible. Both girls were in good moods as we got dressed and even while we stood in line waiting for Santa. 
We have been watching Santa movies for weeks in preparation. My hope was that it would diminish the fear for Lainey when she was finally face to face with him. I had explained that he was like Papa, so kind and fun and gave great gifts! I came prepared with candy canes to bribe them with. But alas, when the time came to sit with Santa nothing but melt downs all around. 

That is when the Grinch showed up. I turned sour. My heart shrunk two sizes too small and I think my husband would have preferred to be with a sea sick crocodile instead of managing me along with my hysterical girls. 

The best part was that I arranged to take some family photos afterward with our incredibly talented friend and photographer, Andre

Why not pack it all in to one day since we are already dressed up? 
Because I have children. 
Young children. 
They have about a two hour time limit for anything. 
Since the girls were all smiles once they were 10 feet from Santa...I relaxed a little and had some hope that the family photo session wouldn't be a complete bust!

I think I was more stressed and uptight during our photo shoot then while I was giving birth to either of the girls. Andre had to continually remind me to relax. (He and his wife, Jess, were troopers!)

We were close to the beach which I thought would be pretty. But instead it was an obstacle because both girls wanted to play in the sand instead of stand like perfect angels for photos. 

Between my forced smiles and two children to hopefully get to look at the camera and smile, we had our work cut out for us to get a decent photo. Andre sent me a preview of the photoshoot and I love it! It's a shot of our family from behind and I think that will be the winner!

 I will share some pictures in the next few days. 

Notes to self:
 Don't do Santa and family photos in the same day.
Set expectations much much lower for pictures with children.
Don't do family photo shoot while pregnant and hormones are raging.
 Remember to read this entry at this time next year to remember things will not go as planned, but to enjoy what you can and keep the Grinch at bay so the holidays won't be overshadowed by crabby mom in your children's memories!

How cute are my matching girls though? 
And how great is my husband for letting me dress him in a matching color scheme with bow tie and all?

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  1. i am sure you guys will have amazing photos. because you are all beautiful, lovely people :) so understand the mommy-crazy when you want something to go a certain way and it isn't... and the reminder to not be such a grinch :)
    and your girls are cutie-patooties in their matching dresses!