Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

I am thrilled (and relieved) to share some of the photos from this week's family photo shoot on Balboa Island.

I must bow to the amazing skills of Andre Niesing and appreciate the greatness that is his handy work! If you need a photographer for anything...he is your guy. He has captured all of our major life moments from engagement to wedding to the birth of both our girls and family photos in between. I am always impressed and blown away by his work and his incredible eye and ability in capturing special moments.
Not sure if I have a number one favorite, but this is in the top five! If you click on the picture above and you can see it in black and white on Andre's Facebook page! I love how Lainey and Chad are looking at one another. 
Can you tell I love balloons? When I see a picture with kids and balloons, I melt every time. I think this may be our new main family photo to hang on our wall. The one hanging up right now, Lainey is 3 1/2 months old in it. Time to update!
I had seen my friend Jenna's family photo shoot that another friend of mine, Shara, had done. I fell in love with the picture of Jenna's little girl with these "JOY" blocks and wanted to do something similar. Jenna graciously let me borrow them and copy her creativity to get a couple of sweet and joyful pictures of the girls!
I had just bribed Katie with a piece of candy cane to calm her screams right before this shot was taken. I love her little teeth and the way you can see the hazel color of her eyes.
To get a photo of Lainey with a genuine smile is not an easy task. She is such a ham these days and wants to say cheese or make a funny face when she sees a camera, that this picture feels so priceless. And her bangs are finally growing back in from her fun experiment with scissors. 
I do believe in miracles because of this photo. All four of us looking at the camera and I like all the expressions on our faces. That is not an easy task with a stressed out mom and young children that would rather be playing in the sand than being held for a picture. Again, Andre is truly talented!
I have no words to properly express the sweetness that this picture is. So I won't try. 
For those that know me, pictures of me pregnant are not my favorite. I have not done a maternity photo shoot with any of my kiddos and try my best to hide my belly if possible in pictures. I love them of other women and think photos of pregnant women are beautiful. (ok...most pictures, some border on the obscene) But since we were taking photos and I am beginning my third trimester today, I figured let's get at least one or two in. (Have I mentioned how much I love black and all that it hides?)

There are so many more pictures that turned out beautifully, but these are some of my favorites. This Grinch is so happy and pleased that my family and friends will put up with my crazy and that beautiful things can happen in the midst of it.

Thanks again, Andre (and Jessica-keeper of goldfish and candy bribes, purses, and props) for making magic happen with the Coltman Family. 


  1. Ok, so you keep singing the praises of your photographer, who is undoubtedly talented, but I'm pretty sure he had nothing to do with the ridiculously rich genetic make up I am witnessing here, nor did he dress you in such smartly adorable clothes, and also has NOT coached you all on being a loving family that is comfortable and eager to be around one another as is so obvious in these pics. No, Kel, this is all you, babe. Nicely done.

  2. You and your family are so amazing! And...I LOVE reading your blog! Beautiful photos! You are all incredible and the way your family shows such care and joy is amazing!

  3. Linds - Thanks so much for your kind words and love! I praise Andre so much because I feel good photos are a little like cooking. You can have all the right ingredients (props, outfits, cute kids, etc.) but if you don't know how to put it all together it can look like a mess! Plus...I was a little stressed that day and the girls were overly tired and he still managed to capture the moments in between the crazy that made it look like the best day ever!

    I will take credit for the wardrobe and how much we love (usually) being with each other! :)

  4. I love all the pics. They are so sweet and capture you all so well. You definitely can't tell there was a lot of stress and tears going on that day. Such a cute family!

  5. I am so in love with this post. The pictures are amazing. Is it crazy to say that I love you guys more after this post? Keep having babies... you look gorgeous pregnant!!