Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lainey's Princess Birthday Celebration

Everyone told me the time would fly by after my first daughter was born.
For the first two months of her life I thought for sure they were all lying!
But some how my baby went from this
To this
In a blink of an eye!
How is she already three years old?

Lainey is true joy and loves people and making new friends where ever we go.
She is my girly girl! 
Wants her nails done, her hair curled, plays make up and would wear a "princess" skirt or dress every day if I would let her. 
She is sensitive. 
Desires to do the right thing or the thing that would make you happy.
(Most of the time! She still is a very real three year old that has a draw to the dramatics, as well!) 
If there is music, she is dancing!
She loves all things Princess right now.
Her favorite colors are pink and purple, and prefers that anything be sparkly pink or purple. 
She loves to jump off things, on things, to things.
Her biggest accomplishment lately is riding her tricycle all by herself. She feels ready for a purple sparkly bike!

Birthdays are a big deal in our home! The day is all about you and your favorite things!
We start the day by waking up the birthday girl(or boy) with cake and presents in bed. 
This was Lainey's first year of experiencing our funny morning time tradition, and she wasn't sure about it at first.
It took about thirty second for her excitement to be realized and for her to dive in to the sweets and gifts before her!
Ariel was her favorite gift of the morning. Which went perfectly with the theme of her day.
After her cake breakfast we got her dressed up like Cinderella and took her to Disneyland for lunch with Princesses. 
She got to meet Belle
Snow White
Excitedly hugged Cinderella, her twin for the day!
Lainey could hardly contain herself as Aurora was about to come to our table to meet her. 
Aurora reminded me more of Malibu Barbie than the Sleeping Beauty I remembered. 
By the end of lunch she had her princess poses down and was ready to lead her own parade. 
Some of Lainey's friends joined us to help celebrate at Disneyland!
You know it was a successful day at Disneyland when it ends looking like this!
Because I am cheap, we did Lainey's Princess lunch at Disneyland the day before her birthday so that she would still be free to get in.

On her actual birthday her Nana brought the princess magic to our house along with Lainey's favorite menu:
Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs
Jello salad and
Pink Drink (aka Pink Lemonade)
The Disney/Princess theme continued with plates and napkins
So thankful to the grocery store across the street made these tiny princess cakes so I wouldn't have to attempt it this year!
She was well adorned with crowns, jeweled rings and a special birthday girl button!
There must be something innate in the human nature to suck the frosting off of candles. No lessons needed here!
All the princesses came to this party too! 
Our girl was well celebrated this year, even without a formal birthday party. 

My hope is that in future years that I can enjoy making my kids' birthdays special with out it having to mean more to me than it does to them. I seriously cried as we waited for the elevator in the Disney parking lot because we were running late for our reservation for the princess lunch. I think my disappointment would have been greater if they decided not to seat us than Lainey's would have been. 

I would like to chalk the tears up to pregnancy hormones or low blood sugar, but I get so excited for certain experiences and memories to be had that I sometimes can get in the way of the memory to be had. 

I would prefer to plan the things that could potentially go wrong so that I'd be okay with it, but apparently life doesn't work that way?

What is this thing you call, "go with the flow?"

All in all it was a great couple of days celebrating one of my very special girls!

*almost as much as I love pictures with kids and balloons!*

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  1. I love, love, love this! And I love birthdays too! I hope I can make Hazel's birthdays as special as you have made your girls! XO