Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

That's what little girls are made of.

We had Lainey's friend, Avila, over this morning for a play date and I had so much fun watching the girls play!
First they wanted to be ballerinas and dance to Disney princess songs. I mean, who doesn't? Right?
Katie wanted to be just like the big girls, complete with tutu and special princess doll. Lainey and Avila were happy to have a little girl to show all their cool tricks and dance moves to.
Since they were dancing to princess songs they quickly decided that they should be princesses too. Every time an Ariel or Cinderella song came on it was a chance for each girl to take the lead and perform their special song. (We are still in the phase of funny faces for pictures with Lainey. She refuses to look at the camera or smile "pretty" right now.)

Avila lives upstairs from us and it has been so fun to watch the girls grow together. They can shout to each other across the court yard, sharing all their updates from the day. 
They have been friends since before they had words and have always had such a sweet little friendship. Avila has a special spot in our family's heart and especially Lainey's. They want to bring their special toys to each other's houses to share with one another. Lainey always gets excited to go to Avila's house or when we get to meet them at the park. Her first best friend. 

I am so excited to be expecting my first little boy in March and all that come along with boys. Especially growing up with two older brothers, boys are what I know and love. Brothers put you on their shoulders for piggy back rides around the yard. They take you motorcycle riding and encourage you to stop being a sissy or a chicken. They teach you how to jump a small ramp on your bike and how to balance on a skate board. (They may also play dress up with you in your mom's square dancing petty coats and watch cheer leading competitions that you will later reenact together. "GO, WALLACE, GO!")

But today as I watched the girls play so sweetly together and be so incredibly girly with their crowns and costumes, it felt like I got to relive some of my favorite things about being a girl through them. We blew bubbles and pretended we were under the sea with Ariel and her friends while they ate a snack. They are young enough that it's still fun to have mom join in on the dance party and putting on fun jewelry. 

It was fun being three again today!

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