Monday, January 23, 2012

Isolated Extrovert

This past week has been such a mixed bag of joy, fear, relaxation, people I love, and too much time alone!

For most of last week my youngest daughter Kate has been fighting a fever that peaked at 105.3 and a trip to the emergency room.
When this sweet face looked like a red hot that was about to burst it completely freaked me out. As much as I tried to keep myself composed knowing that she would eventually cool down, fear kept bubbling over and several tears escaped as I held my sick baby. By the time we left the ER she was so much cooler and back to her normal silly behavior, but it was a long night of checking her temp often and keeping her fever regulated with medication.

The ER trip was on Wednesday. I had planned on taking the girls that day to an indoor trampoline place for a play date with one of my girlfriends. I had been in my house too much and was ready to get out and have some social interaction! It took everything I had to cancel and make the wise choice for Katie, because the extrovert inside me was screaming for adult interaction. Instead of getting out, I spent two more days indoors with my baby girl nursing her back to health.  Thankfully my oldest (who is also an extrovert) was able to spend two days at Nana's house baking, playing at the park, and enjoying special solo time with Nana!

Friday I had my 34 week pre-natal check up. This pregnancy has been so mellow and easy that most of my check ups take all of ten minutes. Weigh in (ugh), blood pressure (great), any concerns (nope), see you in a few weeks! Since I had been having some contractions every day this week they checked to see if anything was happening because of them. She found I was 1 cm dilated and then served me my "death sentence!" She told me I wasn't technically on bed rest but that I needed to severely limit my activity.

So I have been sitting on a couch for two straight days with Katie and now I have to limit my activity?? I realize the "death sentence" may sound dramatic, but I was feeling like a prisoner in my own home!  

Saturday brought so much joy as I went to the most incredible baby shower thrown by my girlfriends to celebrate the soon arrival of my little Liam. Before hand, I went to Dry Bar to have my hair done so I wouldn't have to stand and do it myself. The poor girl doing my hair had to hear a weeks worth of pent of conversation that I was desperate to get out.

Then I entered extrovert heaven! Surrounded by women I love, eating yummy food, and getting to have so many fun conversations and connect with them of what had been going on in their lives. I was overwhelmed by blessings and incredible thoughtfulness through all the gifts and sweet words of support, as well as, all the incredible details of the shower.
This was the take away gift for each guest. The small flag tag was personalized with each woman's name on it for them to take home. Every part of the shower was this well done and so thoughtful. I will share more pictures later!

I came home energized and ready to take on anything. Well anything except my oldest daughter now taken down by the same strong fever my youngest just overcame! More time indoors and staying isolated from others. I can handle reducing my activity level...somewhat. But I had planned on making play dates where I can sit and chat with my friends while the girls play with theirs!

Tears came on Sunday morning as I realized I was again stuck in my home for another several days. My husband sweetly offered to let me get out while he stayed with the girl, but I didn't want to be alone outside my house either. I was already starved for people, and it was less then 24 hours since the party. I felt like a insatiable drug addict! 

So after Katie's morning nap we got out as a family for a few hours to get some fresh air for all of us!
Again I felt energized being outdoors and having the company of my husband was what I needed as we enjoyed time together as a family. We came home so Lainey could get some rest (a four hour nap later) and so I could get off my feet.

I recognized yesterday how draining too much time alone can be for me. Please hear that there are definitely times all I want is time to myself. Even extroverts need some alone time. But I love people! They give me energy and life to be with them. It recharges my batteries!

Sometimes motherhood is not conducive with being an extrovert. I am learning to figure out how to maintain through the periods of "isolation," but I have to say I did not win that battle this week. It feels like I can not get enough of people right now, but I need to wisely stay put and know that this is only for a few days and won't be forever...RIGHT?

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  1. so well put. i think a good portion of my january funk has come from lack of time with people. you are an amazing woman- so fun to be around- i know sitting at home can feel more draining than restful.
    know that you are always welcome to come over and put your feet up while girls play. praying for you and baby liam in these last weeks before he arrives :)